Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the world’s lasted brow trend

vegan friendly

Sorrento Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the world’s lasted brow trend and an exciting new service to be offered in  our Sorrento Beauty salon. This brow service allows our therapist to create brow symmetry or it can be used to aid in correction for the hairs that follow a unique or undesirable direction. This Sorrento Brow beauty service can even be utilised to give a full fluffy finish. Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination system is vegan friendly and full of unique valuable ingredients that support and protect the hair during the lamination process.

The lamination process is the same process as lash lifting, the service involves the application of an alkaline chemical solution applied to the brow hairs and then it is allowed to activate, which in turn reduces the disulphide cross-linking bonds found present within a brow hair and while the brows are fixed in place the bonds are reformed into their newly created shape.

Pre Treatment Advice
It is recommended to grow out your brows for 3 weeks prior to your treatment to ensure we can achieve the best possible outcome.

After Care Treatment Advice
• Avoid getting your brows wet in the first 24 hours
• Avoid hot steamy showers or saunas
• Avoid strenuous exercise
• Do not use oil based makeup removers for the first 48 hours
• Avoid touching or playing with your brows as much as possible
• Avoid using retinols, or steroid creams for the AHA’s for at least 48 after treatment
• Avoid exfoliation of the skin for 48 hours
• Avoid wetting the brow hairs within the first 48 hours
• After wetting the hairs after the 48 hours gently brush them back into place is necessary.

Brow Lamination Services