Sorrento Facials

Luxe Winter Warmer Facial

Luxe Winter Warmer Facial SOCIÉTÉ® OXYGENATION TREATMENT WITH THE ADDITION OF REJUVENATING PEPTIDE MASK LUXE WINTER WARMER FACIAL - $99.00The Oxygenation Treatment is a two-step, in-clinic, professional-only process that effectively delivers a boost of...

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Lymphatic Crystal Facial

Lymphatic Crystal Facial Results you can instantly feel after just one of these treatments! Pure bliss comes to mind when you think of a facial that incorporates healing crystals!! We believe in the benefits of our crystals as a part of your beauty treatments. ...

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Aspect Facials

Aspect Facials – Results you can instantly see and feel after just one of these treatments! Proven brand Aspect calls their products “cosmeceuticals” because the results they deliver are high-tech and high-payback.

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Aspect Facial Peels

High performing facials that delivers positive results for all skin types and with Aspect’s active ingredients derived from both science and nature.

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Organic Facial

Organic Facials Organic Nation facial filled with luxury! The power of nature and the precision of "cosmeceutical" science combined with certified organic ingredients. This aromatherapy facial is perfect for those who still want results but prefer a more natural...

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