The GeneO+ is the ultimate treatment platform for achieving younger, fresher and natural-looking skin.


Tri-Polar RF, Oxygeneo & Ultrasound

The GeneO+ is the ultimate treatment platform for achieving younger, fresher and natural-looking skin.

It is the only device on the market to offer the unique combination of 3 advanced technologies; Tri-Polar RF, Oxygeneo & Ultrasound – that work both on the surface of the skin, and deep within.

All 3 technologies can be used in the same treatment to perform the unique GeneO+ 3-in-1 Super Facial, or can be broken down to include into any existing treatment as an add-on.

Oxygeneo: This treatment combines oxygenation, exfoliation and infusion all in one. It does this through a sodium bicarbonate Oxypod on the hand piece, paired with a nutrient rich gel on the clients skin. The chemical reaction between these two causes CO2 bubbles to form on the client’s skin. This encourages the skins own natural oxygen production from deep within the dermis, through the Bohr Effect. All this lovely new oxygen rich blood pushes its way to the surface of the skin causing an incredible and immediate plumping effect to the skin, Smoothing out wrinkles, fines lines, reducing pore size and brightening the skin. As the Oxypod starts to dissolve, it becomes slightly abrasive and encourages a polishing and exfoliation effect on the skin, removing dead skin cells, clearing out congestion and smoothing the skin. The bespoke Oxypods used are specially formulated to work with different skin concerns: Neo-Revive (for ageing skin), Neo-Bright (for dull/pigmented skins) and OxyBalance (for congested/oily skins)

Tri-Polar RF Skin Tightening: This non-invasive treatment works on building up the collagen and elastin production in the skin. Temperatures of about 39-40 degrees are applied to the skin causing the skin own natural wound healing response, where the skin in tricked into thinking it’s been damaged and start to ‘repair’ itself through collagen and elastic production. This treatment utilises Pollogen’s patented Tri=Polar RF technology that  creates multiple bands of RF energy to increase effectiveness in the skin. The hand piece also comes with an inbuilt temperature sensor which indicates when you have reached the ideal temperature in the skin, and shuts off automatically when you exceed the ideal temperature, so that no damage can be done to the skin.

Ultrasound Sonophoresis: Utilising ultrasound waves in the skin to created greater permeability in the skin, allowing for better product penetration post treatment. This is a lovely way to end the treatment as its completely pain free, non-invasive and created a lovely warming and calming effect to the skin. It also help increase lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation in the cells.

Pollogen Geneo Intro
Pollogen Geneo Intro


Before and After Oxygeneo Treatment