Sorrento Relaxation and Massage Services

Relax and revive by indulging in our sorrento massage packages! Hot Stone Massages, Full body massages and ear candling are all available to help you relax.

Revive Massage

60 min massage with a deep sense of calm and balance instilled. We also use warm stones on the back of the body to help treat pain and tension
Also experience the stimulating effect of our Ecococo charcoal peppermint invigorating body scrub on your back for the perfect Detox.

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Recharge Massage Package

Bring balance to your body and mind with this 75- min nurturing experience
This treatment combines 30min Organic nation facial and 45min Relax massage with the use of warm stones on the back of your body.

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Herbal Press Massage

Sorrento Herbal Press Massage ServicesHeal and rejuvinate by indulging in our herbal press massage!Anti-inflammatory - Antioxidant - Healing. Herbal Press Massage - 75 min $135 This herbal press is designed to relieve pain and inflammation. A...

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Massage Bliss Package

Sorrento Massage & Facial Bliss Package Treat yourself and your friends with ourĀ  bliss package! Indulge yourself with our 60 min facial and 60min massage combined treatments for you at a discounted price.         Massage and Facial...

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Ear Candling

Sorrento Ear Candling Services – Another relaxing service provided by C & E Skin & Beauty Sorrento!

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