Sorrento LED Therapy

The energy delivered with our LED Light Therapy is used to improve cellular performance, and has a variety of benefits including the treatment of acne, rosacea, dermatitis conditions, inflammation and the improvement of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Sorrento LED Therapy

This powerhouse express LED Facial treatment with Hyaluronic face mask (40 minutes) – $90.00

Package of 6 – $480

Package of 8 – $600

Add on LED  to any facial – $30.00. Recommended as an add on to enhance your facial treatments.

Working within a cellular level, LED Light Therapy improves circulation and lymphatics, speeds up healing and restores healthy skin functioning. We are excited to bring you more radiant, healthier, youthful, skin with our LED Therapy,  it works to firm, tighten, rejuvenate the skin by promoting the production of collagen. LED lights are red, yellow, green and blue- which are switched from colours depending on treatment required. Light therapy targets a range of skin concerns including skin clearing, redness, skin tone, age spots, reduce acne, reduce congestion, increases blood circulation, wrinkles and signs of ageing on the face, neck and décolletage. As cells absorb light energy it encourages for better cell to cell communication, improving collagen and elastin activity and managing inflammation within the skin.

How many Sorrento LED Light Therapy Treatments are required?

We recommend a series of 6-8 to achieve optimal results – Suited for all skin types.

Total relaxation, the warmth from the wavelengths of infrared sooth you into a deep blissful state.